Hi , hope your well!  

I’m writing to your as iv noticed your an awesome agent and I wanted see if there’s a possibility to partner with you and assist you in part of and eventually most to ALL of your real estate marketing.  

I am just launching an amazing new property video which can be posted everywhere and it has all the human interaction technology embedded to be affective on all social media platforms as well.  

So whether a person listens to the audio / music or mutes the audio and views the visual aspect of the video only (say if they are in a public place like a bus, train or populated location), they will receive the full benefit of the video.  

Heres a link with an example:  

As part of this video launch I’m offering a 60% discount on the first video from $250 discounted to $100 and I’m currently able to produce your video within a day 24 hr turn around. ( i’ll try my best to produce your video way sooner than 24 hours though)  

I would absolutely love to do all your videos for all your current and new listings.  

I’m always Happy and available to communicate with you in whatever way suits to discuss ways to maximise your property exposure, sale price and sale duration time.  

Heres my details:  

Spiros Tsiaousis  

0410 11 11 22  


When you’re ready to start our partnership, you can initiate the process by ordering your first video. You can make the payment through these ways to initiate your orders:  

Bank deposit  

Bank payment ID:  


You can SMS or email the receipt as well as a link to your property that you want to promote from realestate.com.au – domain.com.au etc and that will initiate The production of your video and it will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  

I’ve made the process simple and no fuss so that you can focus on what’s important which is listing and selling.  

A quick intro about myself: i’m a professional technology marketer for both online and off-line and would love to assist you with the most advanced and current marketing technologies Available on the planet to maximise your results.  

I’m genuinely grateful at this opportunity to potentially partner with you and awaiting to start partnering with you into the long-term future for your success!  

Warmest Regards  

Spiros Tsiaousis –  

Market My Business – The Latest Marketing Technology at Your Doorstep!  

0410 11 11 22