Will I understand what I am being told?

You don’t need to understand a thing about the Internet to understand the value of being on it. We will speak to you in language that you understand, no techno talk, just straight up clear explanations.

Will I speak to a local?

Our customer service team is located in Australia. You will never be put on hold, there will be no language barrier and you will be experiencing local knowledge from our highly trained and friendly team.

When can I expect results?

We have a lot of very happy customers here at GoogleMee. They include the obvious successes of hitting and staying in the top 7 of Google Places. But it is more than that. I see daily success stories of customers winning big business contracts through their placing or businesses whose phones are running hot through Internet enquiries. It’s not just new customers coming through your doors but it is also an opportunity for you to retain their ongoing business.

What sort of support do I get?

As part of the purchase price you get 12 months support. We will send you detailed reporting on a monthly basis so you can see the value of your investment. This will include results on your selected keywords.

What happens behind the scenes?

We are always available to help our customers. We will go the extra mile to get your business results. We understand that you are our most valuable resource and I am happy when you are happy.

What happens after I sign?

We do everything for you. After you fill in the paperwork we’ll be in touch with you within 72 hours to confirm your keywords. The technical team will use their expertise to provide you with a set of keywords that will drive new business to you. As the business owner you know your business and your customers best. You will always have the final say about your keywords and we are here to help you make the best choice.

How will I be treated?

At GoogleMee the customer is king. It is our role to educate and support your customer experience. We are happy to take your calls and we will make every effort to answer your questions at the first point of contact. We pride ourselves on completing customer requests by the close of business daily.

But I'm not really a computer person?
Not a computer person? No worries. If you’d prefer us to call you rather than email, we are happy to call. Let us know what makes your life easier.

But I know nothing about the internet?
Don’t worry you don’t need to. We have a technical team and customer service team. We let our technical team take care of your results and we take care of you.

Why do I need a website?

Most people ask me, “why do I need a website?” Your website is your storefront online. It is the cornerstone of your web presence. It is what people are going to use to judge your business’ credibility. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use your website as a reference for every single search.

Who is GoogleMee?
At GoogleMee we are a young, fresh, dynamic company and we are really excited about what we do for you. Our management expertise across sales, search engine optimization, social media, operations and web presence is of the highest caliber and truly is industry renowned.

What makes you different?

What makes us different at GoogleMee is our local intelligence. What that means is that our team go into businesses and find out what works best for them. What that enables us to do in the engine room is find the best key phrases that will drive web traffic and translate to foot traffic and ultimately sales.

What is seach engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the finish line; it’s certainly not the start. It really comes down to prominence and relevance on the web. You have to ask yourself these questions. Do you have a website that is optimized, synchronized and consistent with your social media messages, with directory listings, with the way you appear in Google Places and Local Search? These are the things at GoogleMee that we take into account and spend lots of times researching to get you the best result.

How can I boost my offline sales?

The best way to influence your offline sales is by good quality web presence. For us at GoogleMee we don’t just look for the search words or the keywords that are the most searched. We look for the ones that are the most relevant to your business and that are going to find people for you that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, not just random traffic.

What does the customer gain from this personal experience?

By actually going into a customer’s business we get a really good feel for the customer’s vibe and we can then tailor a package based on the phrases that we think sum up the business rather than us trying to guess over a website or an email conversation.

How well trained is your team?
The team that we have at GoogleMee is ridiculously well trained. Each person that goes and visits customers has spent months training behind the scenes and the cool thing is they genuinely are interested in the customer’s results. This is to the point where they will actually go and check a customers results a few months later just to see what has happened to your business.

How often do you visit customers?
We would go back to a customer’s area every 3-4 months. Sometimes it is literally just to say hi, often we would go back in to see if a customer needs any more web presence through different services and often we can get a good idea as to whether what we have done behind the scenes has actually converted into sales.

Can you guarantee it will benefit a business?

It is hard to guarantee results because each business will differ in its competitiveness. What we do know is that businesses that have great web presence will always outperform businesses that have no web presence.