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1. File Splitting: In the first step, the audio file is split at the 6 minute boundary which produces one or more files that are 6 minutes long or shorter.

2. Raw Transcription: In this step, the audio for each part file is played back and transcribed as accurately and cleanly as possible. The incomprehensible parts are marked with blanks.

3. Review: During Review, the Raw Transcript is checked for correctness and quality. The audio file is played back again and each transcribed word is checked against the audio. The blanks are filled, if possible. Timestamps and speaker tracking are also added at this stage.

4. Verification: During verification each part files is checked once again to correct mistakes and address inconsistencies among them. At the end, all part files are collated together and the final transcript is prepared.

5. Delivery: In the last step, the final transcript is quality checked and delivered to the customer. GoogleMee helps in delivering timely output with 100% quality. GoogleMee Transcription services are proven and you can opt 5 min audio hour free as trial.

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